"Holo" - Petey when sighted at CPW

Summary Edit

Greatest admissions officer in the history of admissions officers, maybe ever (sorry Stu). However, he did not fully appreciate generous marshmallow gifts taken (not stolen) from Maseeh's fondue event and smuggled through the closing ceremony, and may have admitted one unqualified feeshman by mistake. The class of 2021 still loves him though.

Quotes Edit

  • "Broseph IAP is whatever you want it to be" - The Class of 2021 Facebook Group, 6-13-2017
  • "I just wanted to troll Kaylee de Soto" - Facebook group, after trolling Kaylee de Soto
  • "I will say ever since someone said "Taco Bell architecture" I haven't been able to unsee it" - On Stanford.