Courses (with capital "c") are the subjects that students can major in at MIT. Students tend to refer to their major with its Course number, often even to people not familiar with the Course numbers.

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Civil and Environmental Engineering

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Mechanical Engineering, often shortened to MechE. Course 8 for people who want to get a job.

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Materials Science and Engineering

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Main article: Course 6

"Is anyone here Course 6?"


Electrical Engineering


Electrical Engineering and Computer Science


Computer Science

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Brain and Cognitive Sciences -- "Course 9? Wow you're a unicorn"

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Chemical Engineering -- "Isn't that Course 5?"

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Urban Studies and Planning

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Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences. Members get exclusive rights to the top of the green building.

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Formerly Ocean Engineering; 13 is now empty and Ocean Engineering is integrated with Course 2.

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Aeronautics and Astronautics

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Political Science

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Best major. Mathematics separated into 3 paths which yield the same degree and one with cs:

Pure Math Edit

Like trying to be unemployed, but in the most fun way.

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When your course requirements are "idk lol just do some math classes." Frequent double major.

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It's like you're trying to actually make money or something.

Math w/Computer Science (18C) Edit

Blends general math with theoretical CS, which is basically just math anyways. Only math degree to give a degree different from the general Course 18 one.

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It doesn't exist

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Biological Engineering -- "Isn't that Course 7?"

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Nuclear Science and Engineering

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Also doesn't exist

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Linguistics and Philosophy

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Comparative Media Studies. Department where Chris Peterson teaches some classes.