"Ferris Mazur is the Meme Lord, chaotic neutral." - Ferris refering to himself in the third person yet again.

Excerpts from his Rambling Autobiography. Edit

"On one hand, notoriously produced fake acceptance letters to Yale students to join the MIT chat in the Pi Day Incident and a member of the Great Jesus Incident . Yet is renowned for his luscious hair, positive spirit, love for memes, and skillz at physucc [sic]. He is renowned 'cross the land as the master of hitting that yeet."   

Crimes against MIT Edit

  • Ferris was known to fabricate MIT letters of acceptance for fellow Yale acceptees during the Pi Day Incident. Sad!
  • Stated "cal tech (sic) and harvard are better than mit." While he attempted to amend his errors by appending "<at losing>" in his next message, he still must not be forgiven

Bots Edit

Surprisingly, Ferris is a skilled programmer and has written severl bots for the chats, some welcome and some not.

Anime Girl Bot Edit

Ferris's first bot, it was very laggy and characterized by the "anime girl command." Guess what that did. It wasn't very well recieved, and was soon removed from the chat.

C.H.R.I.S. Edit

A bot for posting copy pastas, this mysterious was written by Ferris with the approval of chat bot exert Jesus Solis. Its exact workings are a mystery, but it may yet prove entertaining.