"*Hahvahd" - GORT

Summary Edit

Harvard University is the oldest institute of higher learning in the USA, being founded in 1636. As many of you know, that is 6 years before Isaac Newton was born, thus explaining the average Harvard student's fear of calculus. The ""intensive"" """""curriculum"""" places an emphasis on arts and crafts over more practical studies, such as arts and engineering, to make the rich kids who inherited more wealth than talent feel better about themselves. It is a member of the Ivy League.

Harvard Bridge Edit

One of the leading oddities of Cambridge geography is the name of the bridge leading from Boston to MIT: the "Harvard Bridge," named after the arts and crafts school despite being closer to the actual university in Cambridge. This counter-intuitive naming comes about from negotiations occurring when the bridge was first built. The bridge, despite its proximity to MIT, was built by Harvard engineers (first time those two words have been placed together) and thus its builders wanted to name it after Harvard. MIT, however, wanted to name it after MIT because of its location, or at least compromise with "Technology Bridge". A delegate of civil engineers went to meet with the Harvard team to discuss the name of the bridge. Although they arrived ready to fight to the death for the name of the bridge, upon reviewing the plans they instantly and unanimously consented to naming the bridge after Harvard