"!irenenation" - Irene Zhou

Early Life

Irene is one of the brightest zygotes in all of the south, having skipped 2 grades prior to applying to MIT. She's also completely sociopathic (and right behind you) though, so watch your back whenever you cross the Mason Dixon Line. She plays the viola and owns a bunny. 

EA Admissions

Irene was admitted EA to MIT, either because the admissions officers missed the sociopathic tendencies in her application or because Petey wanted to have some fun this year and see how many pre-frosh he could indirectly kill before they arrive at MIT. 


Main article: Triumvirate

When Petey stepped down as oppressive dictator of the MIT 2021 Facebook Group, he offered new leadership in the form of a democratically elected Triumvirate of three members of the class of 2021. Irene ran a completely fair and not fixed campaign for the office of Triumvir, which she, along with Jesus and Antonella, won completely fairly. Definitely fairly. As Triumvir, Irene enjoys oppressing her fellow prefrosh and yelling "TRIUMVIRATE OF OPPRESSION" very loudly.

Feeshmen Edit

Originator of the "feeshman" joke; a typo was beaten into the ground as soon as it happened and it was hilarious.