Kendall is an EA admit to the MIT class of 2021.

Relation to "Memes" Edit

Kendall's history in the chat is closely tied to "memes." In her own words,

"Ok Adira you seem to have moved on (which is good) but here's a possibly satisfactory explanation: You might observe that on the wiki my signature move is "Needlessly analyzing pornographic images." David once posted a "meme" with a whole bunch of naked fornicating people. Not satisfied with either ignoring or enjoying it, I found that one girl had a leg that extended into another hip and two legs, hence the double hips. Somehow people think I'm attracted to that. Which is really unrealistic."

Except Kendall really is attracted to persons with multiple setts of hips. Its as scientifically proven as 1+2+3.... = -1/12.

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