North Dakota is a fictitious place claimed by some to be the 39th state of the United States of America. However, evidence for its is existence is fragmentary and circumstantial at best, placing this "North Dakota" squarely in the realm of conspiracy theories such as Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, Jesus Solis' motivation, and Stanford University.

History Edit

Historical record indicate no notable events ever occurring in North Dakota. Proponents of the state's existence can only claim it became a state in 1890 after being split off from South Dakota.

Geography Edit

Location Edit

Supposedly, North Dakota is in the northernmost portion of the American great plains, but nobody has definitively pinned down the exact location or any notable landmarks to locate it by.

Major Cities Edit

Bismark - The supposed capital, but why would any true patriotic American name any city, let alone a state capital, after an autocratic German Politician with a notable mustache?

Fargo - "Far" "go." As in far to go before finding a real city with that absurd of a name.

Notable North Dakotans Edit

I can't think of any.