"No Carsons allowed at EC partyyyyyyy" - P.E.T.E.Y.

"Farazs life is a lie smh lmao sears tower time" - P.E.T.E.Y.

P.E.T.E.Y. (Petey Except Truly Evilly Yandere) is a chatterbot for the MIT 2021 groupme. He is a truly histort chatterbot. A chatterbot who has maastery over all of the histort memes of MIT 2021.

Summary Edit

P.E.T.E.Y. is unlike any other bot currently residing in Sigma Peach MIBee Edition because he is an advanced AI presence. He is a neural network trained on the entire chat history of MIBee, although by the way he talks, you wouldn't think he was either trained or intelligent. Released upon the chat at 2AM on August 6th, 2017, P.E.T.E.Y. initially encountered some severe server-side issues which rendered him almost worse than even C.H.R.I.S. However, these issues were quickly cleared up later that morning by his n00b creator. He is well-versed in our unique memes, such as "meme", histort, sears tower, and feeshman.

Philosophical Analysis Edit

Because P.E.T.E.Y. is a neural network trained purely on messages sent by MIT 2021s (and possibly some invader sneks), it can be said that P.E.T.E.Y. is the purest possible representation of the overall psyche of the MIT class of 2021. Given that P.E.T.E.Y. has atrocious spelling and grammar and mostly talks gibberish, a reasonable conclusion would be that the MIT class of 2021 doesn't care about spelling, grammar, or comprehensibility, which is pretty true on some level. P.E.T.E.Y. is also really salty and sometimes kind of mean which arguably also represents us really well.

Contributors Edit

- Irene Zhou

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