Princeton University is a prestigious arts and crafts school located in Suburban Princeton, New Jersey. As a member of the famous Ivy League, Princeton has high name recognition but very limited academic success.

History Edit

The College of New Jersey Edit

Princeton was founded in the 1740's to train clergymen. Its original name was the College of New Jersey, as Princeton had high hopes of becoming New Jersey's state school. However, in the 1860's, after fierce competition to become New Jersey's land grant school, Rutgers University gained that title (and extensive funding), leaving the College of New Jersey as a simple private school and dooming it from ever being successful.

Name Change Edit

Sick of being reminded of their loss to Rutgers in the competition for state school funding, The College of New Jersey changed its name to Princeton University, very creatively named after the town it was located in, to remove any references to being a state school.

Ivy League Edit

In the 1950's, Princeton joined 7 other arts and crafts schools to from the Ivy League so that they could play sports only with other schools bad at sports.

Academics Edit

Princeton is home to the famous eating clubs, where legacy applicants spend all of their time drinking and socializing while they wait the required four years to receive their diploma.