"Simmons residents have more windows than friends." - Common Knowledge


Simmons Hall is an MIT dormitory located west of Massachusetts Avenue. It houses mostly undergraduate students.

The 2017 Simmons Scavenger Hunt Edit

Every CPW, Simmons holds a completely histort scavenger hunt run by the infamous John Bell. One of the events involves a set of cubes. When team !flor ( Kaylee de Soto, Luis Gallegos, Matt Love and some other pre-feeshmen) played the scavenger hunt, they were in first place for most of it. This changed at the cube event, when they dropped faster than a person off the Sears Tower. They finished so late, in fact, that the scavenger hunt ended before they finished. Upon finishing, they realized that John Bell had left, leaving them no place to return the cubes. So they took them.

On the sidewalk outside of Simmons, Kaylee decided to make a meme for the CPW 2017 meme competition out of their situation. The meme featured the stolen cubes spelling out "REKT," which they indeed were. They then went to get canolis from a frat and dipped them in fondue at Maseeh.

All was good until John Bell saw the entrance to the meme competition and sent Kaylee and angry email demanding their return and ranting about how it went against MIT values. And then he himself became a meme, and only some of the cubes were returned because he waited until most of them were halfway across the country to tell them.