Sterling Alic is a Stanford 2021 student and greatest rick-roller of all time.

From RD AdMIT to Stanford Traitor Edit

Sterling was an RD admit, and he seemed like a nice enough guy. He was active in the chat, friendly, and had good memes. Then he unfortunately (for him) decided to go to Stanford University, the Taco Bell of Higher Education (TM), instead. But he was allowed to stay in the chat because of his previous contributions. 

The "Fanfic"Edit

In late May, Sterling recalled some "Spicy MIT fanfic" he had written for or during MITES. This excited the members of the class of 2021, as they're honestly kind of weird. They begged Sterling to share. Tragically, Sterling could not find the fanfic. Not wanting to anger the histort and violent members of the class of 2021, Sterling promised to write new fanfic by June 1st, 2017. 

On May 31st, Sterling was reminded of his deadline to finish the fanfic by June 1st, and, burdened by end of school year work, proposed to instead release the fanfic on the 1st Sunday of June. He was never heard from again. 

Is he hiding from the class of 2021 because he is afraid they will not like his fanfic? Did he just get lazy and stop writing the fanfic half way through? Was there ever a fanfic in the first place? Does Sterling even exist or is he an artificial construct created by Stanford to crush the hearts of MIT soon-to-be-feeshmen? Only the Helix knows. 

Tau Day, Tau Time Edit

Some call Tau day the most perfect day of the year because of its status as the composition of two perfect numbers, 6 and 28. It was also the perfect day for Sterling's return. At 6:21, P.M. he returned, promising Fanfic at 6:28 P.M. And then, at exactly 6:28 P.M, he uploaded an MP3 file bearing the title of the fanfic. But it was not the fanfic: it was the greatest RickRoll of all time. And while this rightfully belongs among the most venerated hacks in MIT history, it was rather committed by a Stanford student. The day MIT was outclassed by a Taco Bell University Student was a sad day indeed.

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