The triumvirate is a set of three democratically elected [citation needed] administrators for the Facebook page of the class of 2021.

The Election Edit

It was announced in the spring that a Triumvirate of mods would be nominated by mass vote in the MIT facebook page. Campaigning was discouraged, so, naturally, everyone began campaigning. Especially Faraz Masroor. Strangely, though Irene Zhou, Jesus Solis, and one Rachael Skye Thompson (who goes by many confusing names) didn't campaign for themselves, there was an unrelated enormous support team who campaigned for them. 

Behind the Scenes Edit

A certain anonymous Council which may or may not exist has been alleged to have attempted to rig the vote, with a 67% success rate. It's unclear if these allegations are true.

Aftermath Edit

Immediately following the transfer of power from the tyrannical dictator Chris "Petey" Peterson to Irene Zhou, Jesus Solis, and Antonella Masini, several rebel groups began their valiant attempt to revolt and overthrow the oppressive power of the Triumvirate. One of the most notable rebel groups was led by Skye Thompson, who was one of the top candidates for Triumvir but ultimately decided "fuck it, time to revolt". A separate MIT 2021 group was created under the umbrella MIT Facebook group by a rebel entity, but was eventually snuffed out and overtaken by the Triumvirate. So far, zero rebel groups have succeeded in their mission to overthrow the Triumvirate. Faraz Masroor continued campaigning for himself months after the election concluded.

Although they are said to be extremely oppressive, the Triumvirate only ever threatens people, and there is little actual evidence of them taking much action against their fellow feeshmen.